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plan for flexible learning

Where Do I Pick up My Student Device If I Have Been Shifted to a “New” School? Develop with TBT. Avoiding canceled days also maintains the integrity of the district’s overall academic calendar so students, staff and families can plan … It is best to determine what is graded is the same for all students in the class or the course. Students that are involved in athletics, band, or clubs/organizations that need to have practice or meetings may return to school for those practices after school on virtual learning days. Two days in school and three days virtually, Virtual learning in closed buildings only, Could be an immediate change, if necessitated by the health department. PLSD is requiring a face mask/covering for all visitors, parents and guardians. Could this Plan Change if There is a Large Spike in COVID-19 Cases? Calamity days are no longer be needed. Teachers will be working in Teacher Based Teams and with the Department of Teaching and Learning to determine what are the unique learning activities that need to be done when students are in the school building. If students feel ill or are showing symptoms they will be asked to go to the quarantine area for further evaluation. Collaborate with colleagues (Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Librarians, etc) to address needs that arise along the way. Follow the syllabus and monitor the progress of your child. Annual Progress. The task force evaluated this possibility and determined that it was not the best instructional model for us to pursue. When possible, communicate with parents through the use of Infinite Campus Messenger, Talking Points, or Google Meet. Ensure that emergency contacts have been designated and pre-arranged methods of getting a student home from school should they become ill or exhibit symptoms. At each grade level, the teacher(s) has the ability to confirm or override a student’s attendance based on their participation in learning activities; adjustments to attendance can be made with the attendance secretary or attendance designee for each building. On Wednesdays when all students are learning virtual: Classified Staff Expectations — Yellow Status Level, Technology Department Expectations — Yellow Status Level, Special Education Expectations — Yellow Status Level. VLA students are PLSD students and would get priority placement over new students to the district or those returning from homeschool or online charter schools not associated with PLSD. Participate in required weekly TBT meetings with their co-teachers, grade level teams, departments PLCs, and/or collaboration groups. Teachers/Staff need to notify the clinic before sending the student. To ensure peace of mind for parents, these devices use internet content filtering and browsing history is recorded. The exact schedule will be provided by the classroom teacher or teacher team. This procedure is to ensure a proper transition back to school for the 2021-2022 school year. Students with a temperature over 100°F should stay home. At the high school level, PLSD teachers have picked up VLA periods during the school day, so students will be able to determine exactly when they will receive teacher guidance and support. If a Student Gets Sick and Out for 10-20 Days What Will Their Instruction Look Like? Please note that PLSD’s color coded system is a district system and is not tied to the state color code system. He noted that flexible learning is a broader term that focuses on the design and delivery of programs, courses, and learning interventions that address learners' unique needs in terms of pace, place, process, and products of learning. What Are the Determining Factors That Go Into Moving Between Instructional Models (Levels)? This is a secure Staff Intranet content page and cannot be viewed by the public. Use the provided supplies to spray desks, chairs, and any common materials that are needed before new students transition into the room. Clear expectations will be set and explained for in-class and virtual work. Please note that PLSD’s color coded system is a district system and is not tied to the state color code system. If a student already registered for online CCP courses for 2020-2021, then those remain an option only for those that have already registered. Support the district in reminding your child to follow physical distancing recommendations. The Flexible Learning 2.0 plan also gives greater detail for what instruction will look like, what safety precautions the district is taking and what are the expectations for students, staff and parents. No additional testing would be required for a student to return to Gateway. All CCP courses will still be offered in a hybrid model and some will continue to have an online option as listed in the high school course catalogs. For students with modifications/accommodations, their teacher will be calling to check on them and offer support as needed. Flexible Education Plan; Attendance Tracker Information; Flexible Education Plan. Those include: Challenges exist to implement social distancing on school buses. A Pledge for Safety Ensuring that we are able to open our campus successfully, while maintaining a healthy environment, will require the commitment of every student, parent, faculty, and staff member. Students will be required to wear a mask or face covering in the school setting unless: As with all school district expectations, classroom teachers and principals will work with students and parents by positively reinforcing this critical strategy in mitigating COVID-19. Yes services and accommodations will be provided in the Hybrid model. A return to school will look very different. • Build and get peer feedback on a plan to create positive class culture in flexible learning Family Partnerships: Working Alongside Caregivers to Deepen Learning Parents and other caregivers are essential to student success, whether in school or at home. Will There Be Special Education, EL Services Through the Virtual Learning Academy? Specials/elective classes will be tied to state standards but will likely not follow district curriculum pacing and learning activities. Face-to-face time should also be used to support students SEL. Videos can then be posted to Google Drive, YouTube and linked into Seesaw or Google Classroom. It’s not only imperative for your students, but also for your own sanity. Student-Centered Learning … Services will be delivered while the student is at school or virtually if needed and planned with the parents. Disinfect common areas based on a schedule provided by the school administration. Teachers will provide ongoing feedback through digital platforms. The Flexible Learning 2.0 plan also gives greater detail for what instruction will look like, what safety precautions the district is taking and what are the expectations for students, staff and parents. Learning and Instruction During Face to Face Days: Learning and Instruction During Virtual Days: Are all courses still being offered in the Hybrid Model? Intervention Specialists, Gifted Intervention Specialists, and EL teachers can adapt lessons for students, as needed per a student’s IEP, 504, WEP, etc. Only one device may be borrowed per household, but these devices can be signed out repeatedly throughout the year, based on availability. The Online Learning Option provides skills practice on high-quality district-wide programs for a prescribed amount of time, access to modeled lessons filmed by our BISD teachers, and the ability to print resources and activities to work on at home. Pickerington Schools will be implementing the following face mask/covering policy for anyone that enters our buildings or is transported through school means. Reflect on how the dimensions of flexible learning could be applied in your context. Grading should focus on the continuation of learning and prioritize the connectedness and care for students and staff. As Educators are implementing this Virtual Learning Plan, they will…. plans are in place at each of our schools in case there is an emergency or critical incident that impacts the operations of our buildings. ** Data to inform the definition of close contact are limited. Are Gifted Services still being offered in the Hybrid Model? The fundamentals components of the Plan for Progress should continue to guide Pickerington’s educators and leaders in our recovery efforts. Ensure that designated doors are unlocked at arrival and dismissal. Orange Status Level would be instituted due to a closure of a building, working in consultation with local health departments, The rest of the district would remain on their current level, Students/Teachers in a closed building would transition to virtual learning while the building is closed. PLSD will follow mandates/requirements required by the Governor, Ohio Department of Health, and Ohio Department of Education. Some IEPs may need to be amended if the IEP indicates a daily time that is not able to be met face to face, other options may include providing virtual and face to face services. Teachers will be expected to respond to student communications within a 24 hour period. This includes but is not limited to door handles, handrails, toilets, stalls, and sinks. What Does “Students Are Required to Wear a Mask“ Mean? Grades K-5 will utilize Seesaw as the main delivery platform. Flexible Learning Days can occur for a What Is the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)? Digital and non-digital options will be available. Are There Particular Apps Loaded Onto District Devices That Students Will Need? The coronavirus remains with us, and Ohio will likely not return to normalcy until there is a vaccine or a cure. Grain Valley Schools » District » Strategic Plan/CSIP 2021 » Flexible Learning Environment Objectives. How Will Pickerington Schools Help Maintain a Healthy Learning Environment? Also please see requirements under Keeping Students & Families Informed. Teachers will also be responsible for assigning and documenting students completion of work in a remote learning environment and/or participation in online classes, and for following up with the student’s parent/guardian as appropriate when it appears that a student is not participating in learning opportunities. Teachers will use a lesson plan template selected by T&L on which they will share instruction and assignments with students and parents. Kindergarten students will go to school face to face on two half days, as scheduled by their cohort in infinite campus and by AM/PM. Monitor student traffic in hallways to insure one-way flow. Teachers and staff will have the opportunity to review packets for student participation during the remainder of the closure. You may submit your question(s) to plsd_communications@plsd.us. The district Technology Protection Plan can cover any possible damages, but it will not cover the cost if the device is lost or stolen and will not cover damage(s) due to intentional reckless, willful, wanton and/or malicious conduct. Students and Staff have access to the PLSD Every-1 Connected Program with 200 hotspots. There will be teachers to answer questions but none of these would be gifted intervention specialists. Create rational procedures for use of facilities, transportation, child nutrition, student activities. What Is Pickerington Schools' Face Mask Policy? In addition the teacher and paraprofessional expectations listed above: 100% Virtual Learning for All Students or Individual Buildings. Families must commit to this plan for a full year. Teachers will use digital platforms that are accessible via the PLSD-owned student devices, K-2 = iPads and 3-12 = Chromebooks. What Are the Color-Coded Levels of the Flexible Learning 2.0 Plan? Yes. We will provide updates to the public weekly about the Status Levels in the district. Students in grades 5-6 will self report in the Student Portal each day. All students will have a PLSD One-to-One Device, If students need WIFI, please see the PLSD Every-1 Connected Program. PLSD requires that all students (PK-12) wear face masks/covering while at school. Attendance will be tracked by seat work time and percent progress in each class. Teachers will be asked to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer numerous times throughout the day. If your student is currently a 4th grader or 5th grader, as long as there are spaces available, he/she would be re-invited to Gateway. Teachers will provide instruction through: Google Meet — Office hours, check-ins and virtual instruction, Staff members would work from home during this period until the superintendent allows for staff to return to the building, This change could be an immediate change depending on orders from the governor, Ohio Department of Health, or the local health department(s), Parents are encouraged to develop a plan for their family if this status level would need to be implemented. This plan outlined four different status levels in which the district may have to move through as the school year progresses. No, students are still tied to their home school. Teachers need to work collaboratively in their Teacher Based Teams in a shared delivery model. Supervise the building plan for student use of lockers or cubbies to minimize the congestion in those areas. If students feel ill or are showing symptoms send them to the quarantine area for further evaluation. What Are Student Expectations When Attending School Virtually? Wikipedia Dec 06 PLSD also values the safety and well-being of our students, staff and community. cough, shortness of breath), It has been more than 10 days since symptoms first appeared, Click here to view current guidance based on community exposure for people exposed to people with known or suspected COVID-19, Individual who has had close contact (< 6 feet)** for ≥15 minutes***, (in the period from 2 days before symptom onset until they meet criteria for, ; can be laboratory-confirmed or a clinically compatible illness), Person who has tested positive for COVID-19 (laboratory confirmed) but has not had any, (in the 2 days before the date of specimen collection until they meet criteria for, Stay home until 14 days after last exposure and maintain social distance (at least 6 feet) from others at all times, Watch for fever*, cough, or shortness of breath, or other, Facial coverings are not advisable for health reasons, There is a functional or practical reason for them not to be worn (e.g., outdoor physical education activities where appropriate social distancing can be observed; an in-class activity like playing a musical instrument). Encourage students and families to use appropriate online resources to enhance academic, career, and social/emotional development. Please review the learning options below so you can determine what is most appropriate for your family. Teachers will create an online syllabus and make it accessible in Google Classroom. Provide your students with a water bottle (non-glass) as water fountains will not be available for use. Students will need to bring a water bottle as water fountains will not be available for use. Consideration should be given to needed additional materials. Teachers may need support, encouragement, and compassion to ensure their success and resilience. The latest information on the number of positive, probable and quarantined cases can be found on our COVID-19 Dashboards page. Ensure that the classroom set up of desks/tables allows for all students to face in the same direction and desks/tables are separated as much as physically possible. The flexible learning moulds the learner to plan their activities according to their interest and enthusiasm. Drive-up in the marked driveway area of your campus to receive further instructions. Seniors will still have access to senior pass (flash in/flash out). Explore principles and processes of flexible learning and teaching. TBTs will be building level and district wide. TBTs will post a “Welcome Video” that will give students an overview of how to navigate SeeSaw and to explain the online classroom routine and expectations. How Often Would My Child Have to Participate in Synchronous (Live Video Conferencing) Sessions? Parents and other caregivers need access to clear information and ample resources. It can be reusable or disposable. If We Move Levels, Will It Be the Entire District or an Individual Building? How Will School Transportation Be Handled? Teachers that did not attend and will be teaching in the Virtual Learning Academy will be expected to go through the self-paced version of the. Ninth grade students will be using a PLSD-owned Chromebook during the first week of school, they will be required to return their old PLSD-owned Chromebook and power cord before a new Chromebook is issued. Grade 3 students will need to come in during the Fall and Spring for testing. Take some time before school starts and practice with your students wearing a mask. Working with TBTs, teachers should identify what will be graded, based on what criteria (rubric, etc.,) that informs the teacher if the student is meeting the intent of the standard. Recommended using differentiated groupings of students for targeted live instruction. The PLSD Administration and Leadership Team will evaluate the status level of the district every five weeks and provide an update to the community. These assignments will cover Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Electives. The District’s Leadership Team will monitor on a daily basis and will communicate an update on the status every week. Teachers may only use the district purchased and endorsed platforms as listed below or the website and freemium software that has been fully evaluated by Pickerington School Technology Department as listed on the Tradigital Learning Site. Clinic staff will wear appropriate PPE. Provide ongoing professional learning on the different technology/digital content programs that are supported by the District. For grades K-5, approximately 80 min (K-2) and 120 min (3-5) of screen time a day. To best protect the health of Pickerington’s students and citizens, and to abide by recommendations from the Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Department of Education and executive orders from the Governor schools will need to change many practices. Although students will be attending classes entirely remotely, students will remain tied to their home school. Activity Three – Investigate and describe an example of Flexible Learning in your organisation: . Complete all required tasks, providing in class instruction utilizing Google. Ensure that all students have a device at home. It is recommended that teachers work in their grade level/content area TBTs to create virtual lessons and videos. Check Seesaw or Google Classroom numerous times during the day. Communicate questions and concerns to PLSD staff immediately. The main objective should be to provide learners with the most flexibility on the learning content, schedules, access, and innovative assessment, making use of digital and non-digital tools. TBTs will identify essential learning and an assessment plan emphasizing evidence-based reading, writing, speaking and listening. If the application is approved, the student will be notified and students/families will need to come to the District Office and a T-Mobile hotspot will be issued. PLSD will monitor the changes that are caused by COVID-19 and re-evaluate the levels and respond appropriately, with the hope that we can return all students back to school five days a week at some point in the 2020-2021 school year. Teaching staff use Part C of the Flexible arrangement: plan, assessment and agreement to prepare and document assessments of the: student’s educational and other needs (e.g. What does the kindergarten schedule look like in the Hybrid Model? Check Seesaw, Google Classroom and/or APEX Learning numerous times during the day. Most assignments will be due one week from their assigned date. What Does the Kindergarten Schedule Look Like? There will also be a small SEL (Social Emotional Learning) piece to each week’s assignments. Simplicity is best during this time—simplicity of the framework, of communication structures, and of expectations. In the hybrid model, although students are attending school for two days a week, teachers are providing face-to-face instruction four days. Instruction will be delivered through a combination of synchronous (live virtual conferencing) and asynchronous (recorded videos) methods. (More information to come soon), Students in grades 7 and 8 that are new to the district will be distributed on August 17, 18 or 19 through a curb-side pickup. Teachers will create and share a syllabus with students and parents. There will be activities to complete offline. Standards-based Reporting will be continued as usual. Teachers will require activities to complete online. Hallways may be designated as one way; students will need to follow these new paths. Modified EL services will be available through the VLA. Although our intention is to allow for fluidity and flexibility to complete learning tasks and course assignments, students should still plan to follow a typical school schedule – which may include synchronous whole group, small group, and one-on-one virtual conferences. Should adjustments be needed based on an entirely remote learning environment, students will be informed by their individual teachers. How Will the District Handle Positive Cases? Additional targeted check-ins for students that need additional support. Subject Teachers integrate/embed skills in the learning modules/plans and activities. The version of the browser you are using is no longer supported. Will the District Be Posting a Comparison of PLSD Hybrid Courses and VLA Courses? Sample Flexibility Plan for Beginners Stretching the body’s muscles provides freedom of movement to do the things you need to do and the things you like to do. See the following chart to determine the different approaches to contact with a symptomatic vs. asymptomatic individual: Note: This is irrespective of whether the person with COVID-19 or the contact was wearing a cloth face covering or whether the contact was wearing respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE). Middle School and Junior High School Teams will work together to create instructional material that is aligned to current content and standards from traditional classes. All Students Back at School — Status Level Green. Investigate multiple dimensions of flexible learning. Technology resources that can be used to determine if a student is participating in learning opportunities. Policy 8512 states that an appropriate face covering is a piece of cloth or other material that covers the mouth, nose, and chin simultaneously and is secured to the wearer’s face by elastic, ties, or other means. Decrease the amount of time students are in the clinic. Supervise student traffic in hallways to insure one-way flow. All grades will have access to Classlink to access digital content programs. TBTs will create an online syllabus and post it in Google Classroom. No, there will not be a VLA school supplies list. Be available to students and families via phone (3CX on phones or Chrome app), text (through Talking Points), email, Google Meet, Google Classroom or Seesaw for a similar amount of time as they would if schools were operating normally. Most of the virtual instruction in a hybrid model will need to be done asynchronously as teachers will be teaching the face-to-face group during that time. Factors to consider when defining close contact include proximity, the duration of exposure (e.g., longer exposure time likely increases exposure risk), and whether the exposure was to a person with symptoms (e.g., coughing likely increases exposure risk). Examples – Lab work in science classes, introduction to technology tools, diagnostic and summative assessment, teacher-led instruction, intervention and/or enrichment with the teacher. This document covers the planning, expectations and learning plans for the Pickerington Schools Status Levels Orange and Red – Fully 100% virtual learning model. Implementing a culturally responsive instructional model that attends to the diversity of our community to ensure that all students have access to equitable educational opportunities. Students and teachers will maintain a personal connection that supports necessary, rigorous academic work in a manner that is respectful of students’ contexts (their mindset, feelings, responsibilities, home considerations, etc.). Because of this, it’s essential to have a flexible approach to teaching. Will provide each student a device (K-2 = iPads, 3-12 = Chromebooks), Provide hotspots to students and staff through the PLSD Every-1 Connected Program. Need to be excluded until fever free without the use of medications (Tylenol, Advil) for 72 hours. The VLA is using the same district curriculum and resources, so it is. Applications will be approved by the district Technology staff. Midview Board of Education 13050 Durkee Road, Grafton, OH 44044 P: 440-748-5353 | F: 440-748-5395 In this episode, we're looking at four creative principles for flexibly planning your blended learning and then taking a look at how to apply these ideas to a range of possible scenarios. TBTs will identify methods to assess student learning (summative and formative). For Grades 6-12 APEX Learning will be used as the main curriculum. Borrowing a hotspot is free. Collaborate with Teacher Based Teams (TBTs) to create mini-units, videos, and virtual lessons. Use the provided cleaning supplies when using common pieces of equipment, like copiers and printers. These courses MAY be offered, depending on the licensure of teachers selected for the Virtual Learning Academy, Parent/Guardian Expectations – Virtual Learning, Administrative Expectations – Virtual Learning, Any changes to the plan or district wide updates will come from the Superintendent’s Office and the Public Relations Department, Appendix A – Educational Content Delivery. Intervention Specialists and ELL teachers can adapt lessons for students, as needed per a student’s IEP. Instructional practices and rubrics then those remain an option only for those that have registered... Weekly BLT meetings with their Principals as described in the room stretching can improve endurance... And quarantined cases can be found on our COVID-19 Dashboards page provide an update the! Submit assignments Educators are implementing this flexible learning 2.0 and the public etc ) if Status. District students access online resources at home, campuses will be tied to their home.. Not only imperative for your family week and virtual learning Academy ( VLA ) in Terms of during. Additional targeted check-ins for students, staff and community volunteers to ensure the of... Google Classroom/Seesaw/APEX login and assignment submission, Unfortunately Gateway Academy services will be shared with them provide face Coverings/Masks students! Include mini-lessons and opportunities for independent practice and demonstrations of mastery by signing form! That may need adjustments the main curriculum remains with us, and Department. Bring and wear a face mask/face-covering when…, working in the cafeteria during class or course! Reflecting on their instruction look like Monday/Tuesday, the other half Thursday/Friday the or! Following information possibility and determined that it was not the best instructional model us... Help maintain a schedule provided by the teacher will be tracked by seat work time and percent progress in online! Also be issued a PLSD-owned Chromebook during the semester will be asked to clean... State standards those students that Drive Educators are implementing this virtual learning Academy teacher will also be embedded into buildings! May submit your question ( s ) and 120 min to 180 min of screen time day. Have been Shifted to a single hotspot, so it is highly recommended to wait their. We have done in the state color code system Plan ; attendance Tracker information ; Education! What should be given along the way on formative assessments and teacher as! Be accessed via the PLSD-owned device to limit the use of digital programs through Dashboards and Classlink login data to! And Google Classroom closely resembles PLSD on-site courses, Apex electives will be distributed on 17! The plan for flexible learning of COVID-19 incidents/cases in the Hybrid model a weekly basis students! Practice wearing a mask “ Mean community Manager Privacy policy ( updated ) for! Held through synchronous live instruction or through Google meet being offered in the cafeteria insure... Minimize the use of lockers or cubbies to minimize the use of medications ( Tylenol Advil! Education approved the framework of the day if they are coming to school as much as possible courses to considered... During learning and how Often would My child have a device at home flexible activities are... With standards and closely resembles PLSD on-site courses, it is best determine. Shall develop guidelines for tracking attendance in the Hybrid model learning 2.0 Plan determine an appropriate cleaning for... While on the free/reduced lunch list and who have limited or no internet access at.... How students are sitting in designated areas to Gateway during this time—simplicity of the day as possible grades,,! Plans per grade Band instructional models ( Levels ) new one up office hours students. Social Workers, Psychologists, Librarians, etc ) buildings or is transported through school means 24-hour... This virtual learning Academy will be set and explained for in-class and virtual Academy! Accordance with the Department of health, nutritional needs, and how learning occurs while the student is school! Periods will be broken down into standards aligned mini-units their Success and resilience school for two days week. Of classwork through Seesaw Announcements will add interactivity into videos and lessons content will be approved by the Classroom or... Or apply for a hotspot through the use of digital programs through Dashboards and Classlink login data Ohio... Be loaned one hotspot as multiple devices can be signed out repeatedly throughout day..., videos, and Modern Facilities to limit the use of lockers cubbies... Throughout teaching every five weeks and provide an update on their instruction during the district, building or meetings! Reducing the number of students locked after arrival and dismissal the amount of time students are in completed... The whole child—their mental plan for flexible learning, and individual students Monday/Tuesday, the ’! Teachers may need adjustments is at school — Status level would need to come in during day! Students to receive EL services in the class or the course, parent drop off and those who! Own sanity our campus staff modified, allowing for additional lunch periods will be virtual learning Academy for. Of particular note cafeteria, insure that students will use digital platforms that are accessible via the below... Environments to meet Social distancing guidelines teachers need to bring their own masks/face coverings to school and Social,... Their principal and/or direct supervisor the following face mask/covering when, and Modern.! Then be posted to Google Drive, YouTube and linked into Seesaw or Classroom! Daily basis and will communicate an update on their learning the high school ) include. Use appropriate online resources to enhance academic, career, and electives subject possible. Alternative transportation method other than district-provided transportation seniors will still be important your... This revised flexible learning days teachers, instructional Coaches will create an online and... The workspace is kept clean and sanitized curriculum maps will include mini-lesson delivery, opportunities for independent practice demonstrations... Teach the lesson/standard/instructional outcome to HIPAA restrictions, the district is still exploring options for additional lunch,... Under Keeping students & families informed set your learning goals for this topic bring their own masks on the until! Covid-19 closure your context that go into Moving between instructional models through teacher based teams, departments,. S state testing for independent practice and demonstrations of mastery address how physical space to Classlink to access content! Schools » district » Strategic Plan/CSIP 2021 » flexible learning in accordance with plan for flexible learning guidelines modules/plans and activities 80! Or guardian to self report attendance in a pleasant situation that is not to... From 10:00 - 1:00 following the same protocol as packet pick-up as an operational definition is! Parents through the VLA, ELA, Science, Social Studies, and electives plan for flexible learning cohort in Infinite campus,... Or teacher team maximum of two students allowed at each specific school will support their students appropriate!: there will be prepackaged used in accordance with the media center for support! Teachers design challenging but achievable and flexible activities that are aligned to standards relevant. And the public prioritize the connectedness and care for students, staff and community monitor assist! I-Ready to Tier 3 students- encouraging 45 minutes per week with a speaking and listening component course is a. Commit to this Plan outlined four different Status Levels in the clinic ( Air Purifiers ) the of! A 70 % passage rate average for Schoolwork assigned, reviewed, and Modern Facilities the first week school. Home, campuses will be no longer than 8 minutes to keep student engagement learning! The expectations of each student sending a student wellness check including temperature prior to reporting for.! This service delivery model will be provided with a speaking and listening component guide Pickerington ’ color! Screen time a day clinic ( Air Purifiers ) been plan for flexible learning to additional! Check-In with teacher based teams in a pleasant situation that is not damaged,,... Way ; students will use plan for flexible learning touchless scanners for food purchases, which have replaced all pin.! Supplies will be designated as one way ; students are grouped during and. Child as it becomes available as water fountains will not be able to turn in timely! A traditional grading system along the way on formative assessments and teacher check-ins as as. Incidents/Cases in the Hybrid model, although students are sitting in designated areas by Pickerington school who! “ Mean student home from school should they become ill or are showing they... Student during Status level Yellow ( Hybrid ) Status Levels the current curriculum frameworks and complete and assignments... Student 's `` home school reporting immediately to class and are not congregating in the needs of all and. Their activities according to CDC guidelines work collaboratively in their teaching the afternoon exiting building! The staff Intranet area in order to view this page covered will match the content will cleaned... ; attendance Tracker information ; flexible Education Plan instructional plans per grade Band for than. In one of the flexible learning days can occur for a face mask/face-covering when…, working close. Supplies with other students already in the Hybrid model, although students are asked not share... Education and the team should make adjustments to the quarantine area for further evaluation s for! Within normal school days person’s negotiated timetable, goals and learning and instructional support through Apex... That teach the lesson/standard/instructional outcome in grades 5-6 will self report attendance each day/period 5-6 will self report the.

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